When Faith & Science Collide

When Faith and Science Collide speaks to the heart of debate over how we came to be and how long it took to get here. The God of the Bible is the God of truth, both in written word and in the creation that surrounds us. Both should speak of and point to Him. So what is the Christian to do when science seems to tell a different story than recorded in the Bible? Is it a simple matter of rejecting all that does not align with traditional interpretations of select scripture verses, or is it possible that we have assigned meanings to some verses never intended by the original writers? How would we know? Considering even the possibility that nature could enhance our understanding of scripture raises a host of additional questions, such as…

• Is it ever appropriate to allow observations of nature to influence the interpretation of scripture?

• Is there historical precedent for the church at large accepting an alternate view of specific scripture verses based on scientific discoveries?

• Is the theory of evolution inherently atheistic?

• Are efforts to reconcile modern science with the Bible simply veiled attempts to undermine faith?

• Must belief in a literal Adam and Eve, original sin, or the existence of miracles be abandoned if evolution or a multi-billion year old universe is true?

• Are modern scientific claims regarding evolution or the age of the earth credible?

• Are six-day creationist counter arguments plausible?

• Should Christians be advocating Intelligent Design?

• Could my witness and appreciation of God's glory be limited by a rejection of science?!

When Faith and Science Collide addresses each of these questions with scriptural arguments easily understood by non-theologians, and with descriptions and illustrations of scientific principles or discoveries easily comprehended by non-scientists.